The definitive button... Button +

The definitive… Button +

Everything you ever wanted from a Button, now in one component. Try it if you don’t think! (New responsive layout compatible).

Two shadows at same time
Below you can see how can add inner and outer shadows to create more awesome buttons. This is possible by the “elevation” parameter.
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Icons everywhere and label positioning
Icons can be placed in both sides of the button. With the control of the label text position, you can give to the button a better look.

Focus state
Buttons give you the focus state so they are more consistent in a form.

Icon button
Label is an option, so you can make an icon button placing an icon in the left size, the right size or both (if is useful for you). The size of the icon depends on the size of the font.

Ripple effect
You can set the famous ripple effect to dark or bright background buttons.

Rhombus shaped button
Why would I need rhombus shaped button? …Take a look below!

Tooltip messages
Adding a tooltip message to the button allows the user to view the message by placing the mouse pointer over the button and after a while. The message adapts its position depending on the space available with the window borders.

Buttons like switches
Due the button state “status is active” each button can be used like a switch that change status between Yes and No. Many possibilities for use especially in forms. You will be able to store the data with the auto-binding function.

Remote control of the switch function
You can control the status of a button by a workflow action.

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New version released: 1.0.6

An important news, finally happens!
Bubble teams fixed a bug that did not allow proper display in the editor of components using the height and width adjustment to its content.

Button + now have the “Fit width to content” feature.

Hello - thank you very much for the plugin. Could you please make a tooltip message to accept dynamic data? I have several buttons in repeating groups with different tooltip messages.

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New version released: 1.0.7

Now tooltips messages can be dynamically modified.

Thanks to @z112

Thank you very much for your efforts and swift response @piuiux . This is great! Happy camper here.

It would have been easier to use the icons if we could use the icon’s name versus the SVG code …

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