The Id that comes back on a Google Place search

So I am pulling back a list of Google Places, and one of the parameters is “Id”.

Which looks like it ought to be the PlaceId.


… it isn’t. And I am not quite sure what it is ?

Did you Google it? :confused:

I know what it is supposed to be :slight_smile:

But the value coming back isn’t valid.

Actually I did by Google the value itself, there is a thought.

@NigelG, I was reading about it yesterday, this parameter is deprecated, and one should use PlaceId

I found this thread looking for also a hint or suggestion. When you use Places API to add you own data on places, how are you guys doing? Storing the extra info on bubble and always searching on API and Bubble later of do you use Places just to register the data on Bubble and then don’t use the API anymore?

Maybe this is not your case so let me say with an example:

if you want to add your own reviews on restaurants of your city, what would be better? To use Places API only to get the list of restaurants and then add all their data to bubble, along with your own reviews, or would it be better to store only the reviews and PlaceId and get data from both Bubble and API when needed? The second seems better to me to avoid having to keep the data up to date. But the query later when you want to show a list of restaurants is more complicated. I guess I’d have to merge two lists and then show it on a repeating group.

@NigelG did you learn anything from this? Also, any chance you can use this PlaceID to Get the info again on a new api request? Was hoping to use it as a cross reference. Thinking out loud : the value then wouldn’t matter so much as long as it matched within the app, meaning store the ID along with the values needed to display. Still would want to check that the business is still open. (too Vague ?)

Yes, I think PlaceId is always the same. So should work.

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You’re a veteran! I’ve seen your interactions and they’ve been super helpful. I’m happy to see you are still active. Thank you! @NigelG

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Not as active as I would like. The forum is so fast-moving these days :slight_smile:

Hi! I would like to use the PlaceID to do an API call that gets the country of the place. Do you know how can I do this? @NigelG @serviluvapp