Use Google Places data for restaurant review site


I am new to Bubble and I am trying to build a restaurant review site where I don’t need to manually upload all the restaurants but use Google data for that, just adding the reviews to the Google data. I am facing several problems, I hope you can help.

First, I want to have a starting page where a user can search for a restaurant. For this, I used a search box, searching for geographic places. When clicking the search button, I want to go to another page with a repeating group, passing on the data from the search box. I tried doing that like in the picture below, but there is an issue with the Data to send. Any idea what I should do here?

On the search results page, I added a repeating group with type “Google Places” and several fields with Google Places information in it. Besides the issue described above, I get strange results if I test the repeating group with a search box on the same page. In all fieds except the name, it seems I am getting the results for several restaurants in the same field. Any idea what I am doing wrong?

Finally, I would like to be able to click on one of the search results and be brought to a restaurant detail page. Here, I am wondering whether it would be best to store the Google Places information in the app’s database or if it is better to get the Google Places information information each time. With the first option, I wouldn’t know how to make that work once a restaurant record has already been created in the database. With the second option (which seems the better one), I would have the same issue as above, how do I send Google Places data to another page.

I would really appreciate any help on this, thank you in advance!


Trying this again, anyone that can help in answering (some of) my question(s)?

Not exactly sure the scenario here, but it looks like you are sending the list to your page. That’s an odd thing to do and a page won’t won’t take a list.

A page is usually one thing, like a User, which is built into every account, or something specific to an application like an Account, Contract or Place (if you wanted a whole page that provides Place details).

You probably want the results of your GET (from the Places API) to be the Data Source of the repeating group ON the page, not the page Itself. Repeating groups are elements that are designed to work off of lists.

Thanks for the reply, @brendan1!

You are indeed right, I am trying to want the results to be the data source of the repeating group on that page. How do I do this, though? I know how to do it if the search field is on the same page, but not if it is on another page.

If it helps, this is the link to the app:

I would like to search on the “Search” page and have the results in the “search_results_list_google” page.

Thanks again, really appreciate the help!

Hey @rene.van.olst I was wondering if you found a fix to this issue, I have a similar problem and would love to know if you figured how to do this

Hi @gautamkrishna09,

I have found a workaround for part of the problem, the other part is not solved yet.

I was able to do the search for restaurants by not having a search box field to start with, but a regular Input field. Then I created a workflow that passes on the search term in the URL. For the Repeating group, I retrieve the search term from the URL and use that to get the search results through Google Places (have a look at the app for the details).

The part that is not working is that I would like to be able to click on one of the search results and be taken to a detail page, which gives you more information on the restaurant, plus the ratings. I am not able to retrieve the Google Places information on the detail page, so would still be thankful for any help on this.

Best, René