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The next big thing for Bubble Mobile Apps

Hey Bubblers,

WebKit is an engine that Apple uses for iOS Safari and OS X safari. Webkit is currently working on implementing WebRTC into the engine.

What is WebRTC?

Web Real-Time Communications allows for, well, real time communications between devices. For example: real time video conferencing. It allows access to hardware like the camera to communicate directly between the browser and the phone.

How can it be used?

Let me list a few examples:

  • Live QR Scanning
  • Augmented Reality
  • Video Conferencing

Of course this just touches the surface and their are plenty of other things behind it but these are some of the coolest.

When will it be out?

Well Apple began hiring WebRTC developers almost 2 years ago. WebRTC is also listed as “In Development” on WebKit’s official feature page. All you can hope is that the next iOS update will include it. You can see the status page here:

Isn’t this already possible?

Well yes, but it isn’t easy in Hybrid apps (Bubble apps are hybrid). You can use something like Phonegap WebRTC plugin but that is obviously much more complicated then a simple Bubble plugin.

Thanks for reading,
Nic & Dominick | Codurly
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