The Prediction Game - Live!

Hi all,

Just sharing the live version of my latest app… The Prediction Game.

I’ve had loads of feedback from test users and implemented some new features to improve the game.

Please check it out at




I wish you luck. :smiley:

Thanks Gregory. Are you going to play?

I’ll give it a go when I have the time. :smiley: Have some work to do.

Update: Have played the scenarios, find it quite interesting, looking forward to see if I predicted at least one of them correctly.

Yes. It’s amazing the satisfaction when you do!

Feel free to suggest some too! Oh, and share on FB too of course :wink:

Re-launched. Now more of a focus on sport (with the occasional other), which helps greatly with content.

Also changed the structure for predictions making it slightly more interesting, and leveling the playing field a little too.

UX/UI improved a bit - although I’m not a designer and user feedback is most gratefully welcomed, as is the discovery of any (of which there are undoubtedly many) bugs.

Please check it out at

Much appreciated in advance.