Help test my new app... The Prediction Game


I would like to invite you lucky, lucky Bubblers to help test my latest web app… The Prediction Game.

It’s a simple game, but still way too much of a headache for me to try to test it properly on my own.

I’ll obviously be adding more features etc. as I go, but there’s enough there for the time being.

It won’t take you long. If you could please go to and do as much as you can - sign up, make some predictions, submit some scenarios, check out the get in touch section, view the leaderboards, check out your profile and anything else you can think of.

If you notice anything that doesn’t work, or at least doesn’t seem to work as it should, please let me know; your feedback is most appreciated.

Hopefully over the next couple of weeks I can iron out any issues and get the live version released.

There is already one issue I am aware of… The link in your welcome email will say .net instead of .net/version-test. This is simply so I don’t need to change it later, but for the time being the url is

Many thanks in advance. This won’t take you long, but it will be a massive help to me.

And finally, if you have any thoughts or comments on the overall idea / concept, please let me know. I like it as a coffee break type game, but I am absolutely completely open to any feedback as to how it could be improved in the future.

Again, many thanks in advance,


Nice design. Sign up was easy. Stats section is informative but hard to test without historical data.

Submitted a scenario. I can see why you would want to moderate what is posted - but - it seems that allowing an instant scenario post with a swift removal if it violates the TOS would feel far more engaging. I was excited to take the time to enter a scenario and felt a little let down when the response was something like yeah, ok, we’ll let you know if we use it. Ugh. After that, a bit more perusing and within 30 seconds I thought “…is that it…?”. It is possible that when many more interesting scenarios are posted it would not feel so un-engaging. Not having my scenario instantly posted felt the most disappointing.

I did not have an opportunity to read the site privacy policy.

Once the site fills with content and the old scenario answers are known to produce historical stats it will feel more engaging.

I’ll be sure to log back in and follow up. Good luck!

Hi Elle. Thanks very much for the thoughts and feedback.

Yes, the key thing will be getting users who want to contribute to new scenarios, ideally from all over the world. I will re think the submission and moderation process and see if I can make that more engaging. My concern is that I am in Sydney and work full time, so the likelihood is I will be asleep or at work when most submissions come through.

I agree, it will become more engaging with more scenarios and when results start to come through and points divied out… introducing the element of competition.