Football/soccer predictions

Hey developers :slight_smile:

I currently run a Football/Soccer (for the US readers…) predictions league. I’m currently manually running this on a weekly basis and managing it all on Excel when the members send me their scores. the process currently works as follows:

  • I send out the following weeks fixtures
  • They send their scores back to me
  • I key them into their relevant tab on a spreadsheet
  • Once the matches happen, i then input the scores into a seperate tab
  • A formula then scores their predictions and populates a league table which is updated weekly.

I’m looking to have a simple webapp developed where members can log in and input their scores rather than sending them to me. If the app will also then score their “predictions” based on the real-life fixtures and update the table, then even better!

Hi, this seems to be quite an easy application to develop. Not sure about the automatic scoring based on real-life fixtures but I can 100% get you started with a site where your players can log-in and submit their predictions for the upcoming fixtures. Pop me a DM and we can work something out :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply. I haven’t worked out how to DM on here yet. I’m useless aren’t I. Ha. Can you send me one and we will go from there?

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