The recent update has made the Editor heavy at once, and this has become the weight of the bug level

This issue suddenly popped up about a week ago. As usual, I thought it was a problem on Chrome’s side or because I continued to use the PC for a long time.

It takes 5 to 15 seconds for each operation when selecting a column in Do search for on the Design tab or moving to another page on the Design tab.

However, it doesn’t feel too heavy when moving elements around in the Editor and working with backend tab workflows.

As I recall, it’s similar to the slowness I experienced a few months ago when I temporarily checked for an editor speed-up update in the experimental features.
And I think it has something to do with the recently released update to speed up the Editor.

I think this is definitely not the way it’s been getting heavier than it used to be. I would like you to look into this and provide a solution as soon as possible.

I can’t work with this. please.

Yeah I had boosted speed for a few days with the experimental feature and now the editor is slower than ever. A few issues that stand out:

  1. When selecting a value for yes/no fields, both yes and no show in the yellow highlight color which is confusing.
  2. Each click in the experession editor for any field takes 7 seconds to load.
  3. All of a sudden, clicking on an element in the canvas or element tree doesn’t show the settings. Happens with expressions as well where I can’t edit them all of a sudden.

Been refeshing nonstop and hating the experience building apps these days. :confused:


Same here, after applying the experimental feature the editor worked great up until a few days ago. It’s made building extremely difficult.

Seems like Bubble took one step forward and two steps back with the experimental feature.

Yea editor been laggy af recently

I have tried various ways to solve the problem. I am happy to report that there were some points that were problems in my construction.

Quick fixes
・Don’t put too many repeating groups in one page. (However, if you reduce the number of repeating groups and use a lot of filter functions, it will also make the page heavier, so it is a trade-off relationship that must be optimized.
・(However, this is a trade-off and must be optimized.) Although not quite an SPA, when multiple page sections are placed within the same URL (e.g., user list pages with different displays depending on the filter criteria, or user details pages placed under the same URL), in this case, the page sections that are not being edited should be hidden.
This alone has improved things a lot.

Conversely, it did not have much effect.
・Clear the cache.
・Restarting the browser.
・I was worried that it might be a problem with my Internet connection. It had nothing to do with the problem.

Countermeasures to be taken in the future
When creating important or multifunctional pages, we should start with a certain level of planning.
When creating multiple page sections under the same URL, consider using reusable elements.

In my case, this improved my work enough to be able to work with it. There are probably multiple use cases that make it heavy, and clearing the cache will lighten the load! It’s often not as simple as just clearing the cache.

And when I contacted support, they didn’t offer any solution like the one I mentioned above. That’s a little disappointing, but it’s even more frustrating because it’s still fun to try things out on bubble. LOL!

Perhaps you have a solution for another pattern, please share if you like!

Same boat. I have a page with quite a lot of groups on it… and it’s slow slow, even with the new experimental updates enabled.

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