Editor is very slow. Anyone experiencing the same?

Editor is very slow. Anyone experiencing the same?
Mostly when working with the responsive side

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I haven’t tried the responsive editor much lately, but before I would constantly hit slow downs when switching to it. It’s almost painful to use sometimes

I actually haven’t been able to use the responsive editor recently. It has been displaying incorrectly for at least the last week. @eve do we know if this is a transition to the new editor and is just a temporary issue?

Same here… Responsive tab completely unusable + rule design that have been working perfectly for months now don’t.
fucking sick of bugs and crashes.


The responsive editor is a nightmare atm. Delays of 3-4 seconds on big pages.

Bubble is working on the calculation side. They mentioned this to be resolved soon. Not sure where they are at with this.

Yeah past couple of weeks have been a bit rough, lots of page refreshes needed to get the editor running quicker, bit more stable, but the responsive tab either takes 10-20 seconds to load or requires a lot of back and forth between tabs to get it to load in eventually.

It sounds like the recent changes in backend calculations has maybe bloated the Bubble editor. I just hope it’s fixed for next month and the new redesigned editor is a lot lighter on resources and swifter navigation times :crossed_fingers:

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Today for me it was really slow…

Yeah, the last two days the responsive editor has become essentially useless. Only problem is it is essential for certain tasks, which makes completing any pages near impossible.

Also, the bugs associated with design stopping development in its tracks is a bit difficult to deal with.

Hi all, couple quick updates on this:

  • We moved the code that calculates the positions of elements for the responsive view from the browser to the server. The net effect is that there should be less load on the editor in terms of memory and CPU usage, but it also introduces a delay while we fetch the updated data from the server. It’s looking like in practice like the delay is longer than we thought it would be for larger apps, and we’re working on something to speed it up, which we should have out in the next 24 hours. It’s still going to be slower than it was before, though, which we hope is a reasonable tradeoff in terms of making the editor overall lighter-weight and less bloated. (Later this year, we plan to phase out the responsive tab altogether in terms of a much better way of controlling the responsive behavior of apps).

  • If you see it rendering incorrectly, wait for a while and see if it fixes itself. The first time you edit a page, or after you’ve made a lot of changes to page, it might be especially slow (for instance, if you copy a big page, the first time you view the copy in the responsive tab, it might take as long as a minute; it should be much faster on subsequent edits). If it doesn’t eventually fix yourself, please report it to us as a bug report, because while we know and are working on the speed, we’re not currently aware of any bugs in the rendering.

  • On a related note, we’re working on using the same technique to move the issue checker from the browser to the server. This should be a huge win in terms of overall editor footprint, since the issue checker is one of the most performance-intensive parts of the app.

Sorry for all the issues, hope that sheds some light into what’s going on


“ Later this year, we plan to phase out the responsive tab altogether in terms of a much better way of controlling the responsive behavior of apps”

:heart: :heart: :heart:

I think it makes it worse because we can’t see anything happening while its loading server side, just a dead screen, perhaps a progress bar just to let us know its loading. It does seem pretty fast once loaded though.

Thanks for letting us know what’s going on. I figured it was because of something you guys were updating. Can’t wait for the issue checker to be server side. Will boost the editor speed a lot for sure.

Thanks for the update!

If this is implemented and responsice tab is phased out, how will this affect the “hiding rule” we have in responsive tab?

We were able to push an optimization this morning that should get responsive tab performance as good as where it was before the latest update.

TBD – this is is still in the ideation stage. Likely they’d get moved to the editor tab, or replaced with a better mechanism.


@josh , I want to touch on a few things.

We know that your changes are for better performance and better user experience.

Improving performance, moving jobs to the server side instead of the browser and these stories promise a lot in the future, thanks for that.

However, I would like you to think about us.

What I am trying to explain is this: After most users realize that something is wrong, is the source of this problem itself? (browser, ram, wrong workflow, a very large page, etc.) Or it takes minutes and sometimes hours until you get the answer to whether it originated from Bubble.

I am sure the browser cache has been cleared many times before the first post was created, the computer has been restarted and similar things have been attempted.

We can guess that countless users may have reported the things caused by their mistake as bug, and we can really understand how important each minute you devote to this issue is.

So, our time?

As I said above, sometimes we spend a long time making sure that something is on your side, not on our side.

Maybe you can create a “possible problems” category in the forum or something can benefit the whole community.

Like this: We are adding new features to the editor, slowing, freezing or unexpected things may occur, if you are having a problem with this, please send a bug report, and before doing so please restart your computer and check again.

This can help us report incidents that go wrong, rather than taking long tests.

I am not sure if it is possible to guess what problems the codes you changed might cause in the editor. However, you created Bubble, a great platform, and it wouldn’t be surprising for us to find an answer to this problem.

If this happened, we would be very happy and we would save a lot of time.



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