Bubble editor is so slow, unworkable :(

Has anyone else found the editor slow? I am practically unable to continue working on my app, every action takes 5 - 10 seconds, and I mean every action. I am annoyed because I chose to learn on Bubble but I feel my next project will need to be on a different platform/language. Why on earth can’t Bubble increase their server capacity or whatever is needed?

Out of interest, does anyone know alternatives which are similar to Bubble with fast speed?


Totally… it’s driving me absolutely nuts! Not to mention that a lot of the things that used to work great before their latest update are now missing (for example tab between the padding settings… ). And it keeps crashing (I have to reload the editor at least 1x every 20 minutes of working). Unworkable.


Historically people have found clearing the browser cache helpful when the Editor start to chug slowly. If you had haven’t tried already :slightly_smiling_face:

But @boston85719 and @dorilama are having a good old moan :slightly_smiling_face: about recent Editor changes after they’ve done some thorough regression tests of recent changes.


Yeah…definitely not a fan of the changes implemented…can’t even use the refresh data button any longer to see updated data; gotta refresh the browser tab to get it to update. Hopefully they have people looking into fixing all the issues that have cropped up and are not going to state the issues are expected behaviors.

My issue is not related to the recent changes, it’s been a year long issue.

A solution would be if the editor didn’t auto save after every change, there should be a save button which can be used when ready.


I agree. Today is also really hard. The editor is unusable. The hacks like reload every 30min is not working. Every click generates a 20 seconds waiting pause and don’t ask about the switch from layout to workflows. It takes almost a minute…

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my emails have stopped sending out (SES) even simple test emails are not firing. Wonder if it’s related and what is going on.

I’ve noticed this myself!

Open the browser console. I bet you is full of errors. That version 22 is even taking down the backend now.

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Seeing the same, but even my live app seems to be hitting peaks and slowing down much more frequently than before the pricing update. Maybe a play to force upgrades?

Yep, it crashes frequently for me too. Crashing every 15-30 minutes

Yeah. Total garbage at the moment. Have to refresh the tab to just get the “page” dropdown to work again.

So much effort going into twiddly stuff I don’t need. None into making the editor better.

But hey, it has been garbage for years. So they litteraly don’t care.


I thought I was the only one having the tab problem! Such a pain in a**

Guys, I was told by Bubble support that my issues were very rare and so I persisted for the last year, but now it seems it is not so rare.

A friend said that dittofi is super fast, a similar product to Bubble so how then can Bubble learn from what they do, surely it’s just a case of doubling their servers and (if needed) charge us users more if we need to increase speed. I don’t know, but I am close to finishing my app, I can’t stop now but it’s causing mild depression, sitting for 15 hours a day … click … wait 10 seconds, click … wait 10 seconds … day after day, month after month.

I don’t want to ‘bad mouth’ bubble, I think they are great and I’ve always recommended them, but it feels about time they address the elephant in the room!

100% this. I have just contacted the support and filed a bug report. Let’s see what they say because obviously they are not very keen to answer anything here…

Yeah after going in fresh and using the editor for a good 20 minutes, it becomes a bit of a slow bloated mess, really burning up RAM and Chrome resources at the moment.

Yesterday I waiting for 25 minutes before the Workflow page would show, I literally made dinner whilst waiting… so I can only edit the workflow a few times per day or the entire day has gone. Now, today I am unable to work at all … do I get a refund for days I can’t use the product?!

No, the autosave is the best feature of the editor. If it didn’t autosave, I’d likely lose all my work each day the electricity gets cut off or I have to refresh the page to get the editor to work again.

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That is why it should be optional. For you it is great, for me it is part of the reason I am unable to use the app.

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