The responsive engine needs a few new hotkeys!

Hey Team Bubble,

I’m in a passionate love relationship with the responsive engine, but I find myself relying a lot more on the Element tree for navigating elements. This has made me think that a few more hotkeys could really help save some time when using the editor:

Listing a few ideas below:

Select parent
Selecting the parent element without using the mouse would be highly useful. I’m aware that you can cmd-click, but a keyboard-only combination would be handy indeed!

Select child/Cycle siblings
A hotkey that 1) selects the first child of parent element, and then 2) cycles children if applicable

Reveal in element tree
This one I would use probably several times per minute. The button in the element inspector is great, but a hotkey would make this a lot faster.

Select all siblings
Selecting all elements on the page I rarely have use for tbh, but selecting all elements in a Group would be useful.

Go to Element Search panel (and navigate with button keys)
A hotkey to set focus to the Element search panel (next to page search panel) and the ability to navigate the results with up/down keys would make navigating elements a lot more efficient. Similar to Go to URL bar in a web browser.


Agreed – +1 . I particular like the Select Parent and “Reveal in Element Tree”.


Yes please. Let’s get these!

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Would make life 10x easier

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Great suggestions, noting this down for future consideration.


Great suggestions!


  • Set min width/height to 0px
  • Toggle fit width/height to content

Agree, but also these should be element defaults for pages made on the new engine, together with others like that new groups should be Column, not Fixed.

@nick.carroll also, being able to type percentage % into the value inputs below would be very useful. I keep expecting that to be possible :slight_smile:

% = percentage and blank/px = pixels?

CleanShot 2022-03-24 at 10.47.35@2x


Until a shortcut is available, CMD-option click twice will select parent (sorry, not sure Windows keys, cntrl-alt maybe?). The more you click the higher up the tree it goes.

And I know this post is not the about the element tree, but if I could shift/cntrl/cmd/whatever and select multiple groups from the element tree at the same time so I can group/ungroup stuff, I would be sooo happy.