Quick wins changes to the Editor

Hey @emmanuel

Now after the new look has launched may I please suggest 3 simple improvements to the editor

  1. Element tree to highlight the selected element using the new blue color. This way we can quickly ascertain which element is currently selected or has focus
  2. It would be also nice to change the color of the “eye” to match the same blue when it’s visible
  3. It would be super to also add a shortcut & a toolbar button to bring up the inspector for the focused element. Sometimes you don’t have the inspector open.


Everyone is welcome to suggest anything…


I feel like there is a bug currently with “Reveal in Elements Tree” – at least yesterday, I observed that sometimes the tree will expand and show the element and sometimes it fails. (Actually, I experienced it just now. )

Do you need to reload your editor or something? MY Element list DOES highlight blue…


Yes I experience the same issues, on and off at times.

I will click the ‘Reveal in the Elements tree’ - usually the button on the element as shown below (not right click and option)

And then sometimes in will work fine, but other times it will just show the parent group at the top level and then clicking again will go a level down and so forth, till the element itself is selected. So with elements 5-6 groups deep its a bit frustrating. This is what I have experienced or picked up on in the past month.
Hopefully easily fixable bug…


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I’ve noticed recently that the ‘Reveal in elements tree’ button either on the element itself or right clicking the element and clicking the action there is still hit & miss. Sometimes it will go one level down and keeping going down on the element tree sidebar until the elements revealed and other times it wont perform any operation.

Its not biggie, but its nice and quick to use this feature, especially on pages with many levels or elements…

Yeah, it’s buggy for sure, @luke2. Seems not to work more often than not.