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The Responsive View and Preview View Don't Match


After creating a side menu and figuring out how certain groups should become hidden for certain page widths, I tried to see the result in the Responsive view and visually the incorrect things happened however when I went into preview mode my responsive rules behaved as I expected. Therefore there’s a discrepancy between the Responsive view and the Preview view.

Are you using the new responsive engine or the old one?

Also delete the ?debug_mode=true in the the URL when you are previewing, it messes up the vertical height of the page.

I find myself not using the responsive tab and instead just putting the app preview on another monitor

The new one

I agree with @tylerboodman that removing the ?debug_mode=true in the the URL may solve this.

It doesn’t solve it. All it does is change the preview view, which isn’t the issue.

Are you saying your page behaves as expected when you preview it?..

If so, what’s the issue?

I’m reporting a possible bug. I’m sure the people at Bubble intended for the Responsive Tab view to mirror what one sees in Preview mode.

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