The third revision of the Ultimate Guide to Bubble Performance is out

Hey people,

I’m excited to announce that The Ultimate Guide to Bubble Performance is out now, with 16 more pages of content.

How to get it

Existing buyers
If you already own a previous digital edition of the book, the upgrade is free! Log in to your Gumroad account and access your library to re-download the book.

New buyers
You can find both my books on

What’s new?

  • A new chapter on Bubble’s Workload Unit metric (WU) has been added
    • Sections that relate to this update have been changed where necessary
  • Various typos and outdated information has been updated, much thanks to attentive readers.
  • The Dedicated plan is now known as the Enterprise plan. We’ll still sometimes talk about the Dedicated server, which is part of the Enterprise plan.
  • The guide now officially recommends the WebP format for images. This is explained in more detail in the section about image files.

I appreciate every purchase and every piece of valuable feedback I’ve received along the way. This truly is a work of the awesome Bubble community!


Let me be the first one to congratulate you and thank you @petter !

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Fyi … Gumroad only shows me the quick guide and the second revision. There is no third revision yet @petter

Hmm, that’s strange. Give me a minute.

@cmarchan actually it’s just the banner that hasn’t updated for some reason, from what I can see. Could you verify that it’s the same on your end?

In the product description it should say:
Notes on the third revision: The third revision includes a brand new section on workload, as well as new recommendations for image compression. Also, multiple typos and small errors have been corrected, thanks to attentive readers!

The image should now be updated as well.

Thanks @cmarchan! Thanks for being such a proponent over the years, I really appreciate it! :raised_hands:

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No change yet

I could show you a screenshot … Perhaps over DM?

Just DM’d you

Existing users: if you’re not seeing the product in your library, I’m in touch with Gumroad’s support to see why. Please hold off for the moment until it’s resolved.

If you are seeing the product in your library, please let me know.

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Congrats, Petter.
Awesome stuff, as usual. Will be read by the Flusk team :rocket:

Keep going, what you’re doing for the community is amazing. 🫶🏼

Congrats on new edition :slight_smile:

P.S. Being an existing buyer from 1st edition. Downloaded latest version of the book successfully right now.

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Thanks, and likewise @weswas!

@artemzheg thanks for reporting back! Maybe it’s a caching issue on Gumroad’s side. @cmarchan, could you have another look?

Same here congrats again for the new edition and i was also able to downloaded it successfully :v:

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It was happening to your Security product and not to the Guide v3. Sorry for creating this confusion. At the time I now remember that an agency shared with me your Guide book.

Just purchased this latest version so all good now! :smiley:

Thanks again Petter for creating this awesome content.

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Thank you so much for the book and keeping it up to date. I wouldn’t have minded being charged perhaps 50% of the full price to upgrade to the latest edition as you deserve to be paid for your efforts.

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Awesome! I’ve been hoping and waiting for this update. Thank you @petter!


Got it, thanks. Been waiting for it.

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Great work, thanks @petter !

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You made my day !
I ‘m gonna buying it !

Will there be an update for the Security ?

Thanks :slight_smile:

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