The topic "Conflicts" should be opened in the forum

. We can share a list of conflicting plugins and avoid errors. Maybe the Bubble team gets their attention and they fix it.

Air Alert vs. Tagger

Air Alert - OnePush Notifications

This conflict occurred in my application

Thank you very much for the plugins!


I think the sentiment itself is a good one. But i’m not sure it merits a fully dedicated topic.

Rather, I would recommend

  1. Creating a new private conversation between both plugin developers and giving them a chance to hash it out first.
  2. If they are not able to, having them update their plugin documentation to make note of the conflict.

Hello there;

My English is still insufficient. I’m making a mistake when I’m telling you about it. I am sorry for this.
I know there are errors in the plugins, but I didn’t know the two plugins could coincide and affect each other.
Nevertheless, the idea came from the idea that plugin providers or Bubble would fix this situation.

At least if we could make a list as users, we could have minimized time loss.