Plugins affecting other plugins

I have a few situations where I believe the elements of some plugins are affected by other plugins and me not knowing how or where to investigate, am not sure how to get these issues resolved.

If I reach out to the plugin author, they tell me to reach out to @Bubble (I just realized Bubble’s forum handle is no longer available) and If I reach out to Bubble, they tell me to reach out to the plugin author.

I don’t have the slightest clue of how or why one plugin would affect another and the support for issues like this isn’t always readily available. Has anyone else had similar issues and if so, how are you managing?

Yes plugins can affect other (and also Bubble can affect plugin (moment.js for example). A Good example and well known conflict is with the Tagger plugin that cause issue with different plugins. Some Plugin can help by moving sharing header to element header. So if the plugin is not on the page, this should not load the plugin header and may help to reduce conflicts.
In some case, this is the loading order of the plugin that cause issue. And there’s sometimes plugin issue with scripts themselves. This is very hard to debug for both party (Plugin author and Bubble).

I think that the first person to contact should be the plugin author and he can try to test conflict. But this take a lot of time and I undersand that not all of them will do this kind of test (and more if this is a free plugin).

You can check youself in the Browser Console log to see more information about errors. Sometimes this can help plugin author to debug and find a fix.

@Jici thanks for responding. What exactly would I be looking for? When I pull up the console, I do see that it says that there is an error. That’s all i’m familiar with, lol.

In Chrome, for example, press CTRL-SHIFT-I to show the browser dev tools.
Then click on “console”. You will see more details on error that what Bubble console tell you.


right, so I had that open and i see the errors, but I don’t know what they mean.

The first screen shot is the stripe.js element that upon page load, jumbles up.

I opened the console and these are the errors that I see.



Both error are not related to Stripe plugin.

You can always try to remove both plugin that show error in the console log. But not sure it will solve your issue.

Can you show your page setting? Maybe the element is just big enough to contain all the fields?
I think that the stipe plugin author should help you. More related to display than something else.


I’m not sure what it is. I mentioned this to the author and he stated they don’t see an issue with the plugin. He stated that it could be another plugin throwing it off and to contact Bubble. What I did notice is that when I placed the element in another app of mine, it displayed just fine.

When you say page setting, are you referring to my editor?

Yes. Element setting.
It may possible that it’s a conflict with another one. In this case I would suspect a CSS conflict. And Both plugin author should fix that by using different css class or id name. I suspect that kind of conflict because the plugin seem to be loaded and displayed. The display is not correct.


The element was only added to the page. I made no adjustments as it doesn’t require any, other than responsive adjustments.

Do you have a link to a demo page?


Technically, the plugin author should have found the issue and suggest you a way to fix that.
I cannot tell you exactly which plugin is conflicting, but there’s a plugin that inject css style in header and the issue come from there.

Try this
In the Stripe element, add an ID (example myid)
Select the text_3 element (page)
And go to the bottom to Page HTML Header
and add`

#myid form {
width: 100% !important;

Or put this in an HTML element.

This should help to fix.


@Jici Mind Blown :raised_hands:

Thank you so much for this and your time. I really appreciate it!

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