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The Ultimate Guide to Bubble Performance - the new edition is out (now 210 pages!)

Awesome, thanks again :slight_smile:

For those who are interested, I’ll be speaking about the book in Zeroqode’s Zero Code Series 1.4 tomorrow (Oct 7th). The event is free, but with limited spots, and you can sign up here.

Time: 10 AM Los Angeles | 1 PM New York | 6 PM London | 7 PM Amsterdam | 11:30 PM Mumbai

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How download the new version?

Bummed I missed it! Had to work. :frowning:

Log in to Gumroad with the same email as you purchased, and go to the Gallery page, you’ll find it there.

Zeroqode will be releasing the talk on Youtube, but not sure exactly when. @ZeroqodeTeam ?

The video is now available here: