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The "User" field is missing from App Data

My User data is missing in the App Data tab. I think there is a bug. Anyone can help?

Hi there, @hakandemirpolat… it says right there on the screen that no view is selected… have you actually clicked on one of the data types on the left hand side? Also, make sure your browser zoom is set to 100% because not having it at 100% can cause weirdness on the App data tab.


Edit: Oh, wait… are you saying the User data type itself is missing from the App data tab? If so, definitely check your browser zoom and maybe try refreshing the editor.

@mikeloc I already did those, but doesn’t change anything. I also cannot find “User” field when I searched on the search bar.

Maybe someone else will have a suggestion, but you should probably file a bug report at this point.


One of the more immediate ways for a temporary fix would be to click the New view button, and then change the Type to user. I would sort by Created date, as that is how it is sorted by default.

Hope this helps!

Unfortunately, there is also no user neither.

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