Why are these 'current user' fields not showing up?

Hi all,
Please can someone explain why my dynamic fields of ‘current user’ aren’t showing up?

As you can see in the pictures, I have created new data fields in the User data type (Date of birth, title etc.)

I have then created a text with dynamic fields “Current users date of birth” etc.

however, when on preview, only Email and Creation Date are visible?

Am i missing something with the data fields i have manually created?

Thanks in advance.

Hi there, @jack.sitwell2… when it comes to user data not showing up, it never hurts to check your privacy rules, specifically this.


Hi Mike,

Thanks for your reply, and detailed link.

However, if i have your post correctly, its about showing user data across various users.

My issue is: when logged in as a current user, I am unable to my own data?
Does this make sense?

I have had a look at the privacy and it still doesn’t show up when logged in as a user?

Could it be because the data isn’t showing in the ‘App Data’ section too? (pic below)

Thanks for your help.

Yes, it is definitely because there is no data on the App data tab. How are you creating the data? Is it a situation where you are creating it in one version of the database (either development or live) but looking for it in the other version?

I am only working in Dev (nothing live yet).
For context, this data is being collected as part of a ‘sign up’ to the app. Which i then want the same data to be viewable in ‘that users’ profile page.
This is the workflow behind the sign up:

I just can’t work out why it would only save the email to the database?


I believe the issue is that you are referring to the current user for all of those fields, but you should be referring to the inputs where the user is entering the data. The current user’s values for all of those fields are blank during sign up, so that’s why nothing is saving to the fields. For example, instead of Current User's First Name, it should be something like Input First Name's value.


Thank you! Really helped to talk it through! Just saved the day!

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