TheCountable Plugin App - Displaying Counts


I am trying to practice displaying counts with the TheCountable plugin before I try implementing it in my website.

I am having trouble displaying the counts; for example, the Word count.

  • My input element is “Input1”. I then put that as the element ID value within countable. I have a feeling I am misunderstanding something and this is where my problems are stemming from.

I am just trying to get the basic word count from the input (Input1). Can someone offer me some assistance on how to make this work?
Possibly @ZeroqodeSupport ?

Thanks in advance!

Our team will be on this by tomorrow :wink:

If this is all you need, you could use Bubble’s expression builder and make

input1's value:extract with Regex:count

Have a regex of \w+ to make it spit out a list of words, which get counted.

I assume the plugin gives other useful functions, or is faster, or has some other benefits …


Hello @hofst038

Thanks for reaching out!

Have you seen our demo setup:
And demo page:

It should be pretty straightforward to setup.

  1. You use the Input or in our case the Multiline Input.
  2. You assign an ID to this input:
  3. This ID should be copied in the plugin proprieties field:

Now you’re all set, to use plugin states for counting words, paragraphs, characters etc.

PS: In order to assign an ID Attribute, you’ll need to expose this function your Bubble Settings.
Here’s how to do it:

Hope this helps.

Zeroqode Team

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The ID Attribute was the hiccup, I (with your help) was able to get it to work. Thank you so much for taking the time. Appreciate it!


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I just installed this plugin and can’t seemed to get it to work in the new responsive engine. I follow exactly the step to make sure the elementid is correct.

It throws an error in the debugger.
Use Countable in conjunction with Input or Multiline Input.

I am already using multiline input…

Hello, @francischin
Thanks for reaching out.

We just checked the performance of this plugin on the page, built with the New responsive Engine and it works properly so far.
Please share with us the screenshots of your current settings of the Plugin element and the Multiline input.
We need to see which exact ID you are using.

Best regards,
Zeroqode Support Team