Current user logged in status not being recognised

Hello, I have a number of app pages that should only be accessible to logged in users. My flow is fairly simple: When one of these pages is loaded I want the user to be redirected to another page if they aren’t logged in. I tried the “when current user is logged out” condition and it didn’t seem to work, so now I have tried “when current user email address is empty” but that also doesn’t seem to work:

I also set up a new text field on the homepage (the first page everyone sees after they login) to show the email address, and it’s empty…

Am I doing something wrong here?

@debbie this should be super straight-forward and the “Current User is logged out” should work fine

I’m thinking it might be because of conditions in your 2 other “go to page” actions. I would suggest removing these temporarily, just keep Step 1, and see if that resolves the issue. If so, double check the conditions to make sure there are no conflicts

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