"Thing before change" unreliable

I repeatedly encounter problems when referencing the “thing before change” in database trigger workflows. Often, the reference shows up in server logs as “undefined”. I’ve confirmed privacy rules are not the issue. Are there documented limitations or even bugs with “thing before change”? Or general guidance based on others’ experience?

Here’s a simplified example to illustrate:

  • An app has Projects and Users.
  • Each User can have one Project currently selected.
  • Each Project can be currently selected by multiple Users.
  • The Project data type has a field that is a list of Current_Users.
  • The User data type includes a field for the user’s currently Selected_Project.
  • The app has a database trigger workflow that is triggered when a user’s Selected_Project changes.
  • The workflow includes an action to remove the User from the “User before change’s Selected_Project’s Current_Users”. However, this step doesn’t work reliably even though it executes. The User is not always removed from the Project’s Current_Users field.

Example of workflow action that references “thing before change”.

Example of “undefined” appearing in server logs.

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