Correct approach for database trigger 'new thing'

Hey all,

Struggling a little bit - trying to trigger a Webhook via backend workflow (for our end users to use Zapier webhooks).

I’m using Database trigger’s to trigger the Webhook Endpoint.

The condition i’m using is ‘Thing before change is empty’ - I’ve also tried ‘thing before change is empty and thing now is not empty’

What would be the correct condition to fire the database trigger on a ‘new thing’ being created, not modified?

There is a bug. Database change feature isn’t working. Someone else mentioned the same thing last week.

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Ahh well that will explain the difficulties i’m having then. That’s not ideal.

Might be more my own user error, can’t seem to even fire the endpoint on a front-end workflow, either!

The “Thing before change is empty and thing now is not empty” should work.

Sometimes it helps to just pop an email action that sends a generic email to you at the beginning of the workflow to make sure it’s firing.

Ok, great, thank you Eli, I’ll make sure that is what I use.

Managed to get the Webhook working via the API connector, instead of API workflow scheduler and it’s working perfectly! :slight_smile:

For anyone landing here because an email from the SendGrid plugin is not sending the email on a database trigger for a newly created thing (e.g. a new user and a welcome mail).

Using the “send email (custom)” action solved it for me. Otherwise with the “send mail” action I got an error back from the plugin.

Hope this helps.