Things are breaking my repeating group isnt refreshing

something is going on with my bubble app this week.

i am making the slightest changes and things are breaking down.

now the problem is that my repeating group isnt finding new posts. it used to.

prior to this week, i could easily upload a photo and post it, and the repeating group would automatically search and find the new picture post.

now that doesnt work. i have to exit the preview app completely, then reopen the preview app to get the repeating group to show the new post.

what is going on and how do i fix this? i even tried to add to the workflow of the post “reset group data” and this didn’t help. plus i didnt need this part before for the repeating group to automatically show new posts.

UPDATE: this is only when using the picture uploader. and text workflow and even gif workflow (which uses the same photo element as pictures in the repeating group) both update automatically. so there is something wrong with the picture uploader and picture post workflow…but checking on the app data shows photos are being uploaded and posts are being created with photos…and if you exit the previewer and then reenter it, the photo posts are there in the repeating group.

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Possible Solution:

ok this just worked, but i wish i didnt have to do this since it was updating photos on its own before…

in the workflow for the button that posts the photo, i added a “display list” and selected the repeating group, for data source i copied the expression that i have in the repeating group “search for posts…”.

now it is fixed and works like it used to.

did bubble change something in the past week? i didnt have to add this step but now i have to. smh.

Its hard to diagnose this kind of problem, especially when it relates to reactive behaviour that is poorly documented.

If you want it looked into, the best approach is to create a test app with two similar pages, one page showing the repeating group reacting to changes, the other showing it not refreshing. Then send them in as a bug report, or share them here for us to look at.

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