Data vanished on preview

Hi. Around 11:30 CST I was previewing my app in Bubble and had not made any significant changes. I was (IN PREVIEW) navigating around and went to view our tasks page. The data populated as normal for about a second, then vanished.

All data stopped populating application wide. Nothing was deleted from our App Data, however nothing will populate and we essentially have our app with no data whatsoever. This occurred in my own version, and then a few minutes later, without merging, all versions of the app including Development & Live.

Over 20 issues then populated in the Editor on elements I haven’t touched in weeks.

I’m kind of freaking out and I wanted to see if anyone has ever heard of anything like this happening.

EDIT: All screens are showing and populating, but anything referencing my database is not. However, the data is still in the database. (App Data, Data Types, etc.)

EDIT2: I had been in the same preview instance the entire time. It was working as usual for a few minutes, then completely broke everything data related in a matter of seconds, without refreshing, pushing new updates from editor or anything,

Wow :flushed:

Do you filed a bug report?

Approximately an hour ago I experienced some DB weirdness.

One of my DB records stopped showing up & I went so far as to restore my DB to an older version. Eventually, I found an older version where the record existed. I switched back to the most recent version of my DB (Current Date) and the record miraculously appeared.

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I’ve had an issue earlier where my app just completely started to fail, buttons wouldn’t work, data wouldn’t load etc. I haven’t touched it for two weeks. It’s driving me crazy. Perhaps there was a wider issue. I’ve left it for a couple of hours to see if it resolves itself. If not I’ll file a report. I’ve been using bubble for 5 years and never seen it stop working like this.

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I have filed a bug report to Bubble and they escalated it to their bug research team.

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Hi all, we fixed it. It was a painfully obvious issue with our own application that I overlooked in the panic and fear. Please mark this as completed.