Things collapse in RG

Hi everyone ! I have a little trouble with my RG.

For context, I create a dynamic menu for restaurants. Every restaurant can create and edit their own menu easily.

For each food item, They can add an image, title, description, price and more things ( button Plus d’infos opens a popup )

But what I want is when the customer add a product WHITOUT an image and/or description, the others fields collapses.

There is a way simple ?

Thank you very much ! I speak french, if you don’t understand my approximativ english please notify me :wink:

Put the text field inside a group and make the group invisible if the text is empty. Also, remember to check the option to colapse the group’s height when hidden.

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Thank you v-much ! that’s help me a lot !

Finally, the RG width don’t change, If I use your solution, the RG width will ‘collapse’ ?
Capture d’écran 2021-07-02 013129

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No! Only the height :grin:

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Oh yes height ^^ Thank you I will test your solution now ! :wink:

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