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Things in database not displaying

Some things are not displaying properly.

Example: Each “open job” is comprised of several “job inputs”. Each job input should be displaying a quantity, name, etc., but those pieces of dynamic data aren’t displaying properly. It’s only displaying the index and any text that is not dynamic:

It knows there are 6 job requirements (job inputs in the DB), but isn’t displaying any of the dynamic data in the repeating group, just the text.

This is also happening to the “thread” inside each “open job”. When opening the chat box, it’s just a blank group. I’d post a picture, but it’s literally just a blank white group.

I checked the database and everything that should be displaying is still there. Just an issue with displaying it.

Everything was working earlier this morning and I didn’t push anything to live. Not sure what happened.

(really hope this makes sense. Had a tough time articulating it.)

We’re pushing a fix now, will be live in a few min.

Good lawd that was fast!


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