This application is at its limit for number of Things in the database. Please upgrade your application to continue saving data

Hi I am developing a mobile app using Bubble
But i am facing an issue while storing the data into database
i am getting a warning that says
“This application is at its limit for number of Things in the database. Please upgrade your application to continue saving data”
I have to delete some data from the database in order to add more, and thats looking so weird
So can anyone help me, how i can get rid from this?
Thanks in advance!

Hi there, @vikaskumar.rexweb… you are getting that message because you are on the free plan and have reached the limit of 200 things in your data types. If you want to get rid of the message, either upgrade to a paid plan or delete some of the things in your data types.


Hi, Thanks @mikeloc for your response

Does upgrade plan also have numbers of things? Or is it until the 10GB is filled up?

Paid plans are not limited by the number of things in the database.

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where do i “delete some of the things in your data types”? i already deleted everything in my File manager. thanks!

@initialsjz, go to the App data tab, select a data type, and start deleting!

I did this, but it’s still won’t let me login to the app demo. only have 148 entries on db.

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Where do I find this information about limiting things in the database?
I looked on the plans page and there is none.

I have the same issue: I had more than 200 things but even after deleting things to the level below 200 the “Upgrade to deploy” blocks my app to deploy and the app is not usable by the users in live.

It’s right there on the page you linked to:

That’s got nothing to do with how many things are in your database…

The free plan doesn’t include a ‘Live Version’ - so you can’t deploy an app on the free plan to Live.


Ratahaukka app has been running live since 2021 and the plan has been always free.

If you’re talking about this: it’s NOT live…

So I’m not sure what you mean?


It was live 2 years, but yesterday the 200 items limit was exceeded. After that the app went off-live.

Deleting the things from live database is not helping.

The Ratahaukka app has been serving a disc golf community very well for those couple of years but I think I have to build a new app using f.e. React + AWS

@teurajarvi, were you on the old Hobby plan by any chance? If so, maybe it’s related to this, and a representative from Bubble has responded in that thread.


this issue was the last straw and when I stopped using bubble and started learning mysql and php. It took days of back in forth with tech support to find the really, really annoying answer, all along simulating that this would have been a “site down” event if this were a live site, and I couldn’t get help in a reasonable amount of time. They were deciding to take my site down and not telling me why or how to fix it.

It turned out that if you have gone live with your app, that you have 2 or more databases to delete things from. the live things and the testing things, or whatever they call it. you have to delete from all your versions to take away the message and get your site working again.

good luck to those that are ok with this mess. I’m over it.