This Bubble pop up and Conditional visibility issue

I’m having this recurring issue lately where certain elements set as ‘not visible on page load’ are meeting conditional visibility criteria, but are still not visible.
When inspecting the said element in debug mode, I get the following message. Any ideas what it means and how to fix it?

Many thanks!!

Please show us your conditionals and properties on said pop-ups so we can clarify a little better.

Thanks @GhostCodes .

The message screenshot above says “…HTML F which has the following visibility rule: always show”.

But in the app HTML F isn’t visible, even though the visibility criteria are being met.

Not sure if these conditional criteria below help but here you go:

I’ll try to make this process easy for you. Going to tell you what I do.

I setup my conditionals ONE AT A TIME. This is how to know if each one of your states/statuses are valid/working appropriately. That would be your next step. If the problem persists, let me know.

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