This element is visible issue with shapes, using as a notification system

I have created a notification dot.

To do this I just made a circle shape and then am trying to turn it on and off with a yes/no.

New notification = yes
Shape Dot element = visible(yes)

New notification = no
Shape Dot element = visible(no)

As soon as set my conditions the shape turns off.

It doesn’t matter if I set the data to yes or no it never turns on.

What am I missing?

What it is supposed to do.

Screenshot 2022-11-09 014840

Hi there, @timlcooley… those conditions look reasonable, and I assume the element is set to not be visible on page load on the Layout tab. I doubt this is the case, but any chance you have a privacy rule in place on the User data type that is getting in the way? Also, have you tried inspecting the element with the debugger to see if you can get some insight into the issue that way?


Ooo good idea on the debugger. I totally forgot about the debugger. lol

Let me check the privacy, but I don’t believe I have anything with that one.

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The debugger didn’t pick up the condition. I didn’t see anything in the privacy that would affect it.

If you can share a read-only link to your editor, maybe someone can spot something that you’re missing.

Now it looks like you have it set up so that the dot is visible on page load and then not visible when the current user’s pitch’s new notification is set to no. So, if I understand the set up correctly, running as any user in your test database should show the dot because none of the user’s have a pitch associated with them. Any chance the dot is hidden behind something and you just need to bring it to the front?

If you don’t mind me playing around a bit, maybe you could set the application rights to edit and delete your message above with the link.

Actually, I just inspected the dot element with the debugger, and it thinks the condition to hide the dot is passing (which is weird to me because, again, none of the users have a pitch associated with them). Maybe try modifying the condition to say when the current user’s pitch isn’t empty and the current user’s pitch’s new notification is no, then hide the dot.

It is editable

Okay, it’s working now. I think it makes more sense to hide the dot on page load and then make it visible when the current user’s pitch’s new notification is yes, so I took the liberty of setting it up that way. I tested it by assigning the latest pitch in the database to the first user in the database (, and I set the pitch’s new notification to yes. So, if you run as that user, you will see the dot.

Oh, you should set your app back to private asap.

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I don’t think I was assigning the Pitch to the User

That would definitely be a problem.

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Thanks for your help!

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