This is what I've been working on

Hey all,

I thought I’d share what I’ve been working on—my first Bubble App. My client wants to create an online streaming app to help churches find new songs. It will be called Worship Underground and we are approaching beta stage.
The app is hosted at I’m attaching some screenshots here since you can’t really get a look without registering. If anyone is interested in poking around, just let me know and I’d be glad to give you a coupon code for beta access.


Hi @subtlemonsters,

It looks really good! Did you use a plug-in to playback the songs and are the songs/streams uploaded in the database of the app or retrieved by an API?

If I may ask how long did you build to get to this stage.

Good luck during the beta stage and all that will come after that.

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The design looks awesome! Great job here. I was just curious, do you have a background in design?

Just using html 5 to play at this point. We plan on using a more robust solution as soon as budget allows. And I have 100s of hours in Bubble and that again in planning, education and design. But proving the concept only took a small handful of hours.

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To get that angle BG effect, I am using an empty text field with a gradient bg and rotated. I’m sure this is not an expected use so I hope a Bubble update doesn’t “fix” the ability to do this at some point.

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I’m also looking for another Bubbler (especially with javascript skills) to join me in the development, if anyone is interested.

Fantastic !!! :+1:

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Amazing!! I love the way you were able to design it.

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It looks amazing! i liked it very much!

Quick question, how did you do the “category” section on the first picture. I’m trying to do it but more specific and i don’t know how to do it.

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I have a thing called “channel” with a field called “type” and in my repeating group I search for channels filtered by type.

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Interested in beta testing this.
I also have dev/Bubble/js skills as well, may be interested in helping out.
Cheers. :slight_smile:

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Interested in beta testing also, the app looks awesome, great job!

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Very nice! I’d certainly like to gets some hands on with the this. Looks very good!

What was the time frame for this?

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Very Inspiring work. Looks awesome! I was playing around with full screen svg backgrounds and I used yours as a challenge. This is what I came up with, in case they do “fix” it or in case anyone else wants to make some nifty little gradients for their own site :slight_smile:

Editor, feel free to reach out.

Now enjoying my 7 day trial :slight_smile:


Sorry I’ve been too busy to get back here for a bit.

@riza @paulmm44 @jean1 I sent you a pm. Thanks for your interest

@jean1 Time frame depends on how you count it. I’ve been coding in Bubble for maybe 6 months but that doesn’t account for delays and I put a lot of time into interface planning and platform research before I started coding. And I didn’t know Bubble before I started coding (no-coding)…

@duke.severn That example is awesome, Thanks!

My songlist and channels doesn’t have the same spacing between them like channels and resources. You might want to check px from the right side.

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