This page is a native app

Hi I’m new to bubble and was a little bit confused by the clickable button “this page is a native app”.

What is supposed to mean? What should I know about this? It only tells me to render the screen size to xx pixels. Apart from that, what does it mean??
Thanks in advance for a newby

This page is a native app

Check this box to build a native app and if you want this page to be the app submitted to the app stores. Clicking this checkbox displays a popup listing tips for building a native app.
Note: This feature is in beta.

I don’t believe there is any added functionality at this time.

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is there a roadmap or a at least a plan to be able to build apps for the app stores on bubble? I mean will there ever be this feature? Because this would be a real GAME CHANGER!
Can I try the beta feature? hard to find information about that somewhere!
Thx in advance

While not officially supported by Bubble, you can use the BDK native service to build a pretty good app and get it into both app stores.

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