What's "This page is a native app"?

I noticed that in page property editor there is a checkbox “This page is a native app” and native app name input.
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I thought that only way to create a native app with bubble.io is wrappers like BDK Native.

Yeah been wondering that as well. The documentation doesn’t really provide any useful information here. @eve

I’ve seen people on the forum claiming that it does nothing, that it makes pages unavailable to desktop browsers and a few things in between. But since Bubble doesn’t have any native app support, I’m leaning towards it doing nothing apart from what it says on the tin, showing a pop up :wink:

This page is a native app

Check this box to build a native app and if you want this page to be the app submitted to the app stores. Clicking this checkbox displays a popup listing tips for building a native app.
Note: This feature is in beta.

Edit: Not sure why a pop up is in beta, that’s why I’ve been wondering.


Bump. I would like to know more on this too.

If this feature enables us to make some basic app and even if the app is bit flaky (as the feature is in beta), even then it would be a good win.