Thumbnail for Ziggeo video

Hi there - is there a way to access the thumbnail image that you’re forced to choose after recording a Ziggeo video?

Since that seems to be part of the flow of recording a video for the user, and it’s already, I would love to surface a page with thumbnails rather than full videos. Would drastically improve page load time I assume.


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Good point. Right now no, we’ll look into it.


Thanks @georgeciobanu, that’d be really great!

Let me know what you find, would be very helpful to have an idea of timing for this.

Any news on thumbnail access for ziggeo videos???

On second thoughts… $249 PER MONTH for HD is just nuts.

Is there any update to the thumbnail image that we could use after recording a Ziggeo video? Thank you for your help!

We don’t have that unforuntately.

@emmanuel I think that I asked that question poorly.

When a Ziggeo video is saved, a thumbnail is saved with it, too. What I’m hoping to do is create a search results page showing those thumbnails so that it can be clicked on, and the user could be brought to the page where the video sits (or that the video could just be played on that original search results page).

I’m curious as to how we access that thumbnail that’s saved.

We don’t support getting that either.

@emmanuel Got it. So, when the video sits on the page (on Bubble), it just has the black background with the play function on it (And then the user needs to hit play and then the video begins)?

@appiterator @georgeciobanu @lonetour @nick3

I was able to create a workaround for this. I needed to pull misc metadata from Ziggeo videos and realized the only way was to load a Ziggeo video into a custom HTML5 video player in the dom and use JavaScript to pull specific attributes of the mp4 files. It just so happens that all Ziggeo video files are at a URL ending in [videourl]/video.mp4 and all thumbnails are accessible at [videourl]/image

Here is a full view of the HTML block inside a Group with a ‘Video’ data type that contains the video token (rough attempt at JS, sorry if it’s cluttered):

You will notice the line

var imageurl = videosrc.slice(0, -9)+"image";

This is taking the video URL and removing ‘video.mp4’ and adding ‘image’ (therefor generating a URL the thumbnail image is accessible at)

I am using @mishav’s Bubble Toolbox plugin (Toolbox plugin - collection of utility elements) to grab the duration as well as the image URL and save both as additional datapoints on the Video object (see bubble_fn_duration+imageurl). I run all these workflows immediately after a video is recorded or uploaded. So far working like a charm! I am also using this method on audio objects to pull length and metadata from mp3s.

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Hey Philp, Ive been trying to decode this! Do you mind sharing a screenshot of your Javascript workflow as well?

Thanks in advanced!