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Ziggeo video player: get duration and other metadata?

<script>document.getElementById("z").innerHTML = ZiggeoApi.Videos.source("[TOKEN]");</script>

<p id="z" style="color:white;"></p>

Using this I am able to call the URL to the mp4 file, but I can not find such a method for retrieving metadata for a Ziggeo video. I am needing access to the total video time/duration, but other metadata would be nice to have too. – Here they mention a duration attribute but I can’t figure out where I should be using this.

Thought I’d share my progress:

I have successfully pulled and echoed video duration (into console) using some JavaScript I found on JSFiddle. Still playing around with getting this variable into Bubble without needing to load a secondary video player. Might have to get my hands dirty in the Element/Plugin builder :open_mouth: