Ziggeo videos not showing

Just wondering if anyone else is having trouble getting their Ziggeo videos to show. I can record and save but when I create a new Video element, select Ziggeo as the Source and choose the token as the video ID, it doesn’t show up. Any help would be appreciated.

Edit: Just wanted to say that this was working for two weeks up until maybe today or last night. I haven’t changed any parameters.

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Confirmed. I’ve been having issues with the Ziggeo plugin recently as well.

@shadowmaxss as mentioned on your ticket, the issue you are facing is actually related to the Bubble page rendering, not related to our service nor the way plugin Bubble.is team made either.

@jjayma In regards to your issue and combining that with what you had mentioned in the ticket you opened on our side, it would really be great if you could share the access to the page with us.

That way we could check it out and see what might be happening. Looking at what you wrote it should not be any change from our side - when we make any releases to our SDK you can see them mentioned here: https://ziggeo.com/docs/sdks/javascript/version-history and since our CTO is on Amazon organized event in Las Vegas, as one of the speakers no changes could have been pushed on our side before his approval at that time neither.

Looking forward to your reply in sorting what is happening out as well.


Hi, I’m also having a similar problem. I can upload and record videos just fine, using Bubble’s ziggeo video input, however when I try to display a video gallery, I can only see up to 5 thumbnails, and the remaining videos don’t load. Do you have any advice on how I can go about resolving this?