Thumbs not displaying in File Manager

Hi all, I’ve noticed that only, some, thumb images appear in my file manager. All the images are, actually, there… However, only some display thumbs? How do I set it up an image uploader such that the thumb displays in the file manager?
Note: I have a large application with several image uploaders in several different areas. So isolating the one that works/not-working is proving arduous.

As long as they are still loading in your application, I wouldn’t consider this a huge problem, merely a minor nuisance. If you click on the files themselves, do they open correctly and are shown in your browser? If so, I wouldn’t worry too much about the thumbnails.

The Bubble database, and the file manager to some extent, can be a bit slow to load at times. It might also happen that you look at your database, and some of the entries don’t load correctly. However, after reloading, the entries are still there. It just seems to be an issue with Bubble loading the entries.

If you need to see the thumbnails for organization reasons, I would suggest changing the names of the images. This way, you know exactly what each file is without having to wait for the thumbnail to render (if it even renders).

Thanks @Moodiac, Just the nature of the image informs me as to what/where in my app its being generated from. So having the the thumb visible can help a lot. I haven’t checked yet, but I believe the checkbox “private” has something to do with it?

You can try to uncheck the option and see if that resolves the issue. When you set something to be private, it might become invisible in the database, even to admins.

You might also try/consider the following:

  1. IMGix, the provider Bubble uses to store images, might be down or undergoing maintenance (speaking of it, they actually are in maintenance mode as of writing this answer). You can check their status here.

  2. When you save the image to your database, do you use the function “add” by any chance? Have you considered trying “add list” instead? The images might get overwritten in your database when you only use the function “add” instead of “add list”.

This seems to be a case of trial and error, so try these approaches and see if that resolves the issue.

I’ve noticed the lack of thumbs for a long time. However, it’s only been recently that I’ve needed to edit certain images and finding it advantageous to see visible thumbs. I’ll look at the add vs add list function.

Separate question: I’m working on a “template feature” for my users… When I use create new thing with “image = this thing’s image” I noticed its actually becomes linked to the source image. This is a problem when the templated data gets deleted. It deletes the source image. Problem!