Ticketmaster : how to stop the sale of one ticket

Hello guys and gals, hmm very simple question. I am doing a ticket master and one client asked me if he could stop the sale of a ticket on a particular date.

His question troubled me as my WF is
PARTY INFORMATION (including ticket price) + Name Client ----> purchased action → builds one ticket

Now if we change the ticket price to 0 - somebody could still buy a ticket.

Would anyone see a simple solution?



Yes, you should store a date range on the ticket/event dataset for when ticket is available for purchase, or you can have a boolean of active/purchasable and then API WFs to turn on and off on specific dates (not recommended).

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Hey man,

There are a few approaches to your situation and I will list them below.

1 - If they want to close sales on a certain date, you must enter in the event information that sales start on 01/11/2024 and sales end on 01/29/2024, and then you create a workflow backend to that, if the current date is greater than the date registered in the event, you can take some approaches such as not allowing the purchase button to be clicked, issuing an alert on the event page informing that the event has already happened, etc.

2 - If you specify that the event has a limit of .

3 - The 0 price approach is not the best but it works, you can create a simple workflow on the button itself saying that, when the value of that event/ticket is 0, the button becomes inactive and you issue an alert on the screen.

Some simple but efficient approaches for you to do what you want, personally I would choose option 1.

If you have any questions, we are there!

thnks guys