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Building a ticket store with conditional logic

Hello. I am a new user, and I would appreciate some help, or at least a few pointers. Much appreciated. I would like to create a ticket store system with conditional logic.

Customers that purchase a Product A gets an automatic discount on certain other products.

Like this.

Store website gives the option to purchase the following products:

  • Festival Pass $60
  • Workshop Ticket Thursday
  • Workshop Ticket Friday

IF customer purchases Festival Pass THEN price of Workshop Tickets is $35
ELSE Workshop Tickets price is $49

Thank you.

I did something like this. Depending of the case, can be simple to something much more complicated.

In you case, either I would have two different pricing for each product according to yes or no Festival Pass is in the purchased list, either I would have a discount on the global price if Festival Pass is in the purchased list.

Does it help you ?