Time Punch clock in clock out

Looking for step by step on how to create a time punch. When the user clicks “Login” It will make a time stamp, and then when they logout, it will log their clock out time.

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Hi John,

Create a Data Type called Time Punch. Inside the User Data Type add a new table called Time Punch and select type list of: Time Punch. (The list functionality is important if you want to keep track of the history)

Now we have connected Time Punch to the User in which we can easily access that data by using Current User’s Time Punch Logged In:first item

Inside of the Data Type Time Punch, create multiple tables.

Logged In > Date

Logged Out > Date

Date & Time > Date

You can use the Date & Time to print out the day that the user has logged in or out.


User logs out > Make changes to (or create a new one if you want to have a backlog of old history) Current User’s Time Punch’s Logged Out:first item

Logged Out = Current Date&Time

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