Toggl Track plugin

For the productivity nerds :nerd_face: out there, I’ve just made public a plugin with a handful of basic calls:

  • Start the timer
  • Get current running timer
  • Get / Create projects
  • Get / Create clients

Get it in the marketplace.

About Toggl Track

Toggl Track is a cross-platform time tracking application with native apps with fantastic integrations.

Toggl Track: Time Tracking Software for Any Workflow


New version: added a call that allows you to retrieve the total in seconds for a project.

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New minor version, I finally figured out how to do a search for all time entries for a project. I have to say, Toggl’s API is the most inconsistent and irritating thing I’ve ever worked with. And I worked with Quickbooks’s API.

Hello Fellow Time-tracking Nerds,

I published a new minor version. It adds the ability to stop a time entry.

Not to self: time_entry_id is NOT the project id. Don’t be like me and keep trying with the wrong id. Best to get the time_entry_id with the Time Entry - current details call.

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Hey there,

I’m curious as to how exactly you are using the plugin. Like how did you integrate it in your current apps.

I do 3 things with it:

  1. I start the timer from Bubble (and connect those time entries with a Bubble item)
  2. I sum the total time spent on a task
  3. Visualize my estimate x actuals