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After a few seconds of browsing, I’m looking to show a visitor to my site a full screen light box encouraging them to sign up for a newsletter.

Is there a way to do this so that it only shows up once during the entire session (not reset per page).

E.g visitor comes onto the site, visits 2 pages - banner fades in - user either uses or dismisses it. Then user doesn’t see it again on any page.

Any experience or best practice with this would be appreciated.


I did this on one of my apps, and the setup looked like this:

There was a field on the user called “welcomePopSeen”
This was a boolean “yes/no” field, and defaulted to “no”
On any given page, I had a workflow for When Page is Loaded, wait 2 seconds, then show Popup, ONLY if current user’s “welcomePopSeen = no”

Used this for a while until I removed the welcome popup altogether (only needed it when the app was new)

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brilliant! thank you.

Hope it works for you, I may have missed a step as I was doing it from memory. I’m too lazy to go into the app and see what I actually did :slight_smile:

PT, one assumption this option makes is that there is a user (and we know who the user is). Would you see a solution if this is just a potential browsing customer, not yet a user?

Have just read this in reference text.

Current user
This represents the current user using the app. The user can either be logged in, in which case you have access to their email, etc., or logged out. If the user is logged out, you can still modify the user object, but once the user closes their browser, you will not be able to access the user’s information.


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