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Showing a pop up right after a user creates an account

I’m trying to create a popup of getting started tips and I only want them to show up once, right after they create an account and are taken to the home page. Any best practices as to how I should approach this?

I add a field to the User called, “tipsSeen.” I make it a yes/no. By default, tipsSeen is a no. When the page loads, and the current user’s “tipsSeen” is no, then show the popup. When the user finishes the tips, change tipsSeen to yes.

We do this in several places in our Joyful Literacy app, and it works well.

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Or, if you don’t want to store this in the database you can pass an URL parameter during sign up. So when the user signs up, you have something like ?registered=yes.
Then add a condition on page load to show the pop up only when registered=yes


Awesome advice. I haven’t played with URL parameters yet, sounds like something I should investigate!

Thanks for the help. I did as you suggested. But now I realize that when a user refreshes the URL continues to keep the registered paramater and shows the pop up again. How can I stop that from happening? Thanks in advance?

Another method is to create two identical pages (just make one, and clone it).

Add your welcome screen tips to the page and rename it something like ‘welcome page’.

In your workflows, make the welcome page only ever viewed/visitable by the user from the ‘sign up’ page. This means that if somebody signs up for the first time, then after signing up they go to the welcome page with your tips.

For every other workflow, including from the ‘login’ page, have the workflows direct your user to the cloned version of the welcome page that doesn’t have any tips on it. This means that if somebody is already signed up/has an account, they will login and be directed to the welcome page version that has no tips on it.

Simply ensure that no other workflows in your app ever refer / direct users to the welcome page that has the tips on it, and your problem is solved. Works for me, anyway.

Hope this helps,