How could I make a popup appear once PER VISIT?

I’d like to display a shadow popup, to promote a specific thing I’m doing (kind of like the collect-emails-popup). I see how to create a popup that takes the full screen it’s perfect, but it’s workflow-wise that I’m stuck, basically I’d like the popup to appear 5 seconds after the first visit, not after each page, it will piss the visitor.

Any hint?
I see limited options in the workflow for this :confused:


You have to save as field on the user if you have already shown it, for example a field “popupShown” which can be “yes” or “no”. On the show popup action you can then use a condition to only show if current users popupShown is no.

Thanks for your feedback.
I just tried something like this, but I guess it only works for logged in users, I only have visitors. Is that possible?

Maybe by cookie?
I see on the forum that Bubble stores non signed up users, but I don’t see how/where nor how I can interact with them, my Users table is empty.

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Hi GammaMat,

For this you can use a yes/no state.

  1. You can go to workflows and create a new event and use “when condition is true” the condition being: when popup Xs state is yes, then use the action: show popup. Note that this condition, is set to run only once instead of every time, which brings the desired effect.

  2. have a button called show, if clicked it sets the state of the popup to yes.

screens show how the workflows:

happy bubbling,

hope this helps.

Bubble creates temporary users for visitors to your site, so writing the current user’s DB is perfectly doable. It’ll disappear if he clears cookies or changes browser though. All info is transfered over to the new user when he signs up.

One of Bubble’s kind-of-forgotten-but-very-powerful features.


What @petter said. Current User works the same for logged in and not logged in users as far as saving data to the DB.

For what you are trying to do, create a Yes/No field called Show Optin on the user thing with a default to Yes.

Then in your page workflows, create a Do when true event that triggers when the Popup is visible as shown.

Then add a Make changes to thing action that sets the value of the Current User’s Show Optin field to No.

Set a condition on your workflow to show the popup to only run when the Current User’s Show Optin is Yes.

Edit to add this: I see you were asking about showing the Popup as well. Your workflow should look something like this on a Page is loaded event :slight_smile:

Good luck!


Oki so this question is the leading problem right now in the Web Analytics Industry. Still, there is no reliable mechanism that can give you accurate results.

I have tried various options, the most accurate so far is :

Browser Fingerprint:

  • Identifying an individual user by the unique patterns of information visible whenever a computer visits a website.
  • The information collected is quite comprehensive and often includes the browser type and version, operating system and version, screen resolution, supported fonts, plugins, time zone, language and font preferences, and even hardware configurations. These identifiers may seem generic and not at all personally identifying, yet typically only one in several million people have exactly the same specifications as you.

The js file can be found here:

Or use javascript to generate a unique UUISMD and save it as a permanent cookie.

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Thanks to all of you!
I need to go back to all this tomorrow or monday and consider every option, but from what I can see the one I like the most is @eli’s as it seems to be the simplest and most importantly allows me to avoid states which I hate, but I’ll do that if it doesn’t work. @nocodeventure sorry but your solutions are too technical for me :wink:

Thanks again, I’ll keep you posted!

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