Timeframe for calculated fields?

Any timeframe for calculated fields? @Bubble
Right now I am able to calculate the fields with API workflows every time the data changes, but that makes me have to run allot complex workflows, and makes my data prone to errors.


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Or you could just run those in the page, couldn’t you? What are you calculating, exactly?

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Its for a complex scoring system for sailing regattas, with different races, categories etc. I already managed to complete it, but the calculated fields would make the calculations allot easier. Specially when the amount of boats in a regatta increases.

What do you mean by running those on the page? Im using BDK List processor to do some calculations.
One example is: I have a score thing for every boat thing on every race thing, and to be able to manage ties I have to know how many firsts, seconds, thirds etc each boat has. So every time a race is published I make changes to a list of boats and calculate the number of firsts, seconds, thirds, etc.
I don’t know if it makes sense?

Hi @yon,

I don’t get what you mean by calculated fields. Of course, in the page, we have all the storage we need (in the form of custom states – which are more-or-less just Bubble’s version of local vaiables) to hold some value(s) and operate on them across multiple steps in a workflow.

Now, the situation is slightly different in API workflows where there is no equivalent of custom states (though we can build such a thing as a server-side action plug in – I’ve done that, but haven’t thoroughly tested it).

It sounds like the core of your challenge is that your calculations are iterative? (They need to loop over some some set of values.) Indeed, iteration is bunk in vanilla Bubble.

I’d be interested to know the details of your scoring algorithm. Feel free to PM me with that as it sounds like an interesting use case for a couple of things I’m building / have built…


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