Scheduled API Workflows for Calculated Fields

There have been some questions from bubble users asking how to create auto-calculating fields in their data tables.

Airtable has been referenced with its ability to do this on the fly. Like other users, it would save me time to have fields that calculate a value based on a formula and data from other fields.

I’m wondering if scheduling API workflows to run at a regular interval every day, hour, minute, or few seconds could be a workaround solution to have a similar auto-calculating field in bubble.

If a value on a thing’s field is calculated by the data in other fields, you could run an API to do so.

Is this a terrible idea? Are there obvious drawbacks or limitations to running scheduled API workflows over the same data over and over for the sake of updating those critical fields? There must be a more elegant and efficient way to achieve the same thing… would love some insight.


I m wondering about the same…though I read on the Buuble Plans Page that :slight_smile:
Scheduled workflow are limited to - a time use of : by month, by week, or by day…
Therefore I understand that unless you opt for the Highest price plan, you CANNOT run a schedule workflow…every day.
…I may be missunderstanding the Plan s period meaning.

zapier runs workflows whenever you want they have a zap for that

HI, I m not familiar with Zapier (and new to Bubble), so is it some kind of plugin I can add to Bubble ?