Timeline for building MVP

Can you guys share me your experience in building the products using Bubble? One of the reasons I am leaning towards NoCode is to quickly build the MVP and hit the market for validation.

Does it take 1 day or 1 week or 1 month to build a software product using Bubble?


Hi Suddan,

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Your question is very difficult to answer without knowing what your MVP is.

For example, I could build an MVP chat app (as a pro Bubble user) in 2 days and get it to market, but cloning Salesforce as an MVP would take weeks.

Also, are you building it yourself or going to hire an expert?

There are lots of variables that need clarification before anyone can give you an answer.


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Couple of people are involved in this work. I am a Techie but picking up the No Code pieces to build it faster.
The Product that we are building now is Lead Gen SaaS product.