Software as a service

Please guys, can I build an inventory management system and use it as a SAAS and how long will it take me as a slightly above average bubble developer?

Ideas?? If you’ve done it before, come to my aid please

Not enough details on features, inventory management is a wide range of features.

With 6 yrs of bubble experience I’ve done apps in as little as 24 hrs and some apps I’ve had going for years.

One of the 2 day apps I’ve done was a feature rich crypto app that was sprint built my myself that I used many assets from other personal apps I’ve done to speed it up.

If you’re building a true MVP id say a decent dev could do it in 2-4 weeks (if done correctly)

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A typical MVP generally involves around 80 to 120 hours, focusing on CRUD functions and UI/UX.

The integration of APIs alone might consume roughly half of this time. If you require assistance in scoping your project, feel free to contact us.

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That has been my experience as well