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TinderPile: resets to first image after swiping

Hi there,

I’m using the TinderPile, and have created a workflow that counts the number of “likes” (or rather right-swipes) an image receives. This part works fine: every time an image is swiped right, it’s Count of Likes goes up by one. Here’s the workflow. Note that the images I deal with show “Bikes”:

The problem is that once someone likes an image, the TinderPile resets and shows the same images that were already shown to the user. The same does not happen for images a user did not like (swiped left on). It also doesn’t happen when there’s no workflow for counting likes.

I’ve been trying to figure out why my workflow seems to reset the TinderPile, but no success yet. I also tried to “force” the TinderPile to move on to the next image after someone’s swipes right, for example by filtering out Liked Images, but that also didn’t work.

Would be great if someone could help!