TinyURL API - how to call it in Bubble?

Hi! I am a new babe in Bubble.io.
I would like to use TinyURL to shorten the url of my Bubble app page before sharing it.
I got the API connector setup successfully for TinyURL ( https://tinyurl.com/api-create.php?url=[url]&apikey=[api key] ), however, I am not sure where to call the API in Bubble, is it in a workflow? However I am not able to find the API in the workflow events. How to get the return value (plain text) back?

Is TinyURL a requirement?

There are plenty of plugins out there to shorten URLs

I am using TinyURL, but I can try something else.

Btw, I found the solution, I should simply use “get data from external API”. I was not aware that it exists, and wasted time to find the API in the workflow which is the wrong place